The simple.Capital(team) has a good mix of experience in making early-stage investments as well as building them from the ground up.

Willem van der Post

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman
CA(SA) || Deloitte, xTech.Capital, Offernet

Timothy Willis

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
CA(SA), CFA || Aerobotics, Uber, Deloitte

Blake Musgrove

Chief Investment Officer
CA(SA), CFA || Investec Bank, Investec Asset Management

Daniël Swiegers

Head of Investment Portfolio Team
CA(SA) || Offernet, Deloitte

Julia Pennington

Chief Of Staff
BBusSc Hons (Finance & Economics) || SA Taxi, Paper Plane Ventures, Bayport, Edcon, Barclays Africa

Lior van Embden

Chief Marketing Officer
BBusSci(Hons)(UCT) || Blok, Prime Residential

Barak Herman

Co-Founder & Investment Advisor
CA(SA), FRM || Aerobotics, Credit Suisse, Barclays Africa, Deloitte

Richard Sanders

Head of Ventures
CA(SA) | | Deloitte, BitSwiss, VAT IT/S Tax, Fidelity ADT

Clare Aitken

Legal Counsel
BA LLB (UCT), Masters in Commercial Law (Wits) || Bowmans, VAT IT

Kabelo Themane-Dube

Investment Associate
CA(SA) || WDB Investment Holdings, PAPEFunds, Deloitte

Luke Bolton

Head of Product
BBusSc Hons (Finance, Accounting & Taxation) || inn Zero Waste, Seedrs, Axyon AI

Marco Washington

Investment Associate
CA(SA) | | Marsh Advisory, Standard Bank Group

Christopher Hellmann

Investment Manager
CA(SA) || Deloitte, Oceans The Brand

Richard Sanders

Operations Associate

Nick Mills

Investment Manager
BSc (Hons), CFA Level 3 Candidate | | Umonde Holdings, ISAM
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