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July 2, 20210

simple.Capital() recently hosted a series of ‘Fireside Chats’ – an intimate programme of discussions and roundtables facilitated by Willem van der Post, and featuring a cross-section of the most dynamic players in the entrepreneurial and investment space. We’ve included some highlights from the series below. 


Fireside chat 1: Technology is changing the way we access everyday goods



When everything becomes a service, the status quo is subverted, and a wholesale change in behaviour is demanded with regards to how we engage with technology. 

“I feel very strongly about democratising investing, making it open to everybody in the world.”Theron McCollough.

In discussing its inception, former Uber Director Alon Lits stated that amplifying consumers’ awareness was critical to their adoption of the ride-hail service. The company recognised that overcoming people’s tendency to retreat into established – but incorrect – assumptions about social services, such as taxis, was one of the biggest focus areas to ensure success. 

“We made a few mistakes, but we made an impact.” – Alon Lits.

Join us for an in-depth look at applying solutions technology with a real-world impact. 

“It’s about improving customer experiences and reducing friction.” Tinashe Ruzane.


Fireside chat 2: Managing exponential growth at an early-stage company 



‘Embrace the chaos’. This was the central outcome from this discussion. With chaos comes creativity, and these exceptional tensions create the momentous. 

Being comfortable in the chaos allows a clear focus on areas for optimisation, allowing one to centre themselves within the maelstrom. Attendant to this is the necessity to maintain one’s discipline; in essence, determining the balance between dreaming for new growth and observing what already exists, all underpinned by the ability to raise significant capital to scale. 

“If the opportunities are right, the capital tends to flow.”Rhett Finch.

“At Uber, the product-market fit was key, which is why the customer interface was always the most customised feature of the business.”Justin Spratt.

Find out more about the growing democratisation of early-stage technology investment with exponential growth potential, as well as the unanticipated consequences of such rapid scaling. 

“How you manage exponential growth is important because it’s good, but you might also feel very unprepared. Our biggest learning was accepting that we needed to slow down.”Bert Nembot.  


Fireside 3:  Democratised video access changing the way communication works



This conversation centred around dispelling assumptions about the value of a message versus the mechanism used to communicate that message. A critical conclusion that emanated from this discussion was the broad impact that democratising video access would have on communication as a whole.

“Companies are taking production value more seriously, understanding the need for the right equipment; how you present yourself is important and will elevate your message.”Eleni Giokos. 

“Scaling and building this ecosystem requires us to review the preclusive factors present that are inhibiting entrepreneurs and start-ups from growing.”Caitlin Nash.

 Current content creation occurs with equipment that is invariably expensive, rendering this multi-media effort ad hoc and sporadic in nature, limiting the depth of potential dialogue. Democratisation will not only increase access for corporates and production companies, but it will also augment resources available within the gig economy and budding journalists.

“Remember to leverage skills within your network rather than struggling to figure out a solution on your own. Get help from people when you need it; it is an enormous value add.”Stephanie Demetriou.  

Key Takeaway

If our series highlighted anything, finding a delicate balance between risk and reward was necessary. Finding the right balance could yield exponential returns.

Watch the full simple.Capital() Fireside Chats Highlights reel here.



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